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The true objective of News is to provide elevated news that will educate, inform, or entertain our audiences. We are not affiliated with any government or political organization. Because our content is not dependent on outside funding, our writers have complete creative freedom.



Our editorial team at ensures that the standards and reputation of our brand are maintained by getting the facts right by checking and verifying every piece of information or story that comes across our desk before it is published for public consumption.

Even though we can’t be 100% accurate, ensures every writer uses the right name, titles, locations, and factual statements are used correctly by following our editorial policy.

We also want to ensure our readers know that we won’t in any way reproduce, distribute, or encourage the speed of false information.

However, if we receive a complaint or claim about any fact-checking on our website, we promptly correct or remove it, and our editorial team issues an apology or declamation statement for the corrected or removed content, as appropriate.



While we at always ensure our content is free from errors, we can’t boast of perfection and accuracy as we can make mistakes. assumes full liability for any errors in our content.

When our attention is drawn to an error or errors in our content, our editorial team investigates the content quickly and makes the necessary corrections by changing, rewriting or removing the article.

We encourage our readers to always notify us of any errors, mistakes, or misinformation in our content by filling out a form that includes the headline or a link to the content. (If we got some information wrong, you can also attach a link, image, and content to the right information).


CYBERBULLY AND HATEFUL SPEECH is not permitted to stir up hatred or discriminate against people based on their race, ethnicity, faith, handicap, age, nationality, veteran status, sexual preference, gender, gender expression, or other character traits. We must not use our content to harass, intimidate, or bully others.


COPYRIGHT values privacy and the handling of personal data, and we must strike a balance between privacy and the right to broadcast information in the public interest in terms of meeting our ethical, regulatory, and legal responsibilities.

People’s expectations of privacy may be reduced when content features individuals who have personally posted material on social media, or when privacy controls are not used. may reach a larger audience than intended when using videos, images, and/or posts from social media and other publicly accessible websites. must be able to show that any incursion into a person’s privacy without their permission supersedes the public interest.

When reporting on stories involving human suffering and distress, a person’s privacy and respect for their human dignity must be balanced against the public’s interest.



We make every effort to identify our sources, whether disclosed or not. To boost their credibility, they should be stated explicitly in stories. Images should also be captioned properly, and sources should be cited.

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